Where do you deliver?

We delivery within a 10 mile radius of Telford in our own vans, this means that we know exactly where your order is and when it will be delivered, unlike national companies that rely on courier services .. Please call for deliveries further afield and we will be able to provide quotes and volumes.

Why do you not sell logs by weight?

You should never buy wood by weight as the wetter it is, the more it weighs. We only sell by volume and you need to think in terms of a volume of energy. Typically, you will need to burn 3 logs with a moisture content of 50% to get the same heat output as burning 1 log with a moisture content of 20%, also not to mention what damage and dangers it causes to  your flu and chimney.

How much firewood will I need for a typical winter?

This is a question we get asked a lot and there are so many factors,

  • The efficiency of your stove
  • Is it your only form of heating
  • The size of your property
  • How well insulated your property is.
  • How often you use the stove
  • How cold it is
  • How you use your stove – burning on full airflow all the time or on low heat.
How do I make a fire?

In the centre of the fire basket crumple several sheets of newspaper, arrange smallish pieces of kindling wood over the newspaper in a pyramid shape, light the newspaper and once the fire takes a hold on the smaller pieces of wood put on larger pieces still in a pyramid shape, then, sit back relax and enjoy

How should I store my Firewood?

Try and store the logs somewhere out of the weather. This can be inside or in a log store, but you can store logs outside if they are stacked and covered properly. To do this, stack the logs neatly against a sheltered wall or fence and then cover the top only. This will allow the logs to ‘breathe’ and any rain or moisture will quickly evaporate away.

Do you offer a stacking service?

We will place your nets where ever you chose and they stack neatly on top of wach other, if you require them stacking individually we charge a flat rate of £10

What times do you deliver?

We deliver at a time and day to suit you our customer, we appreciate that some customers want evening and weekend deliveries and as we are a small local run company we will work around you our customer.

How can you pay?

Cash or card on delivery.

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